LEPL - Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Blitz interview with a successful beneficiary of Zhvania School - Lana Svanidze


Senior specialist at Kutaisi Municipality City hall, Lana Svanidze

2020-07-10 • More

Maka Peikrishvili - "State Language and Integration Program" trainer at Zhvania School


About "State Language and Integration Program"

2020-07-09 • More

German ambassador visited Marneuli regional educational center of Zhvania School


During the visit, guests met with the school director and leaders of curricula

2020-07-07 • More

Zhvania School is conducting "State Language Program" in accordance to the resolution adopted by the government


Every single program state language program is in full compliance to №394 resolution of the Government

2020-07-06 • More

Listener of Zhvania School, Fidan Galandarova about "State Language and Integration Program"


I am Fidan from village Zemo Sarali, Marneuli municipality

2020-07-02 • More

Zhvania School has commenced the "Initial Program for Professional Development of Public Servant"


III and IV rank public employees of Kutaisi City Hall will be retrained within the program

2020-07-01 • More

Representatives of national minorities will learn the state language in Orkhevi military base


Zhvania School renews the learning process at Orkhevi military base

2020-06-30 • More

The director of Zhvania School met the Israeli ambassador


Ketevan Jakeli and Ian Gidori met each other

2020-06-29 • More

The achievements of Zhvania School during the process of e-learning


Zhvania School continues to intensively develop its institutional side, as well as improves existing programs

2020-06-29 • More