LEPL - Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Nato Murusidze - Successful alumnus and employee of Zhvania School


I will never forget the emotions I felt, when they called me after the contest telling me that I got hired.

2020-12-03 • More

Blitz Interview with Kakha Gabunia - Associated Professor at Tbilisi State University and an expert in teaching Georgian as a second language


Its necessary to plan and integrate extra-curricular activities and integrate them into the training process

2020-11-26 • More

First international training program of Zhvania School


Zhvania School aims at increasing the access of Georgian public employees to European standard of professional development in this way

2020-11-25 • More

Registration for the State Language Course continues


In September-November of the current year, 780 individuals have registered for the course

2020-11-20 • More

Meet a beneficiary of Zhvania School, Natalia Kozlyuk


After finishing the course, I'd like to continue studying Georgian language. I also suggest Zhvania School to those who want to study the state language.

2020-11-20 • More

Zhvania School launches Best Practices of Public Policy Program


The goal of the program is to impart knowledge and skills to participants, which will enable them to plan and implement public policy more effectively on local level

2020-11-16 • More

Irakli Papava, successful alumni and an employee of LEPL Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration


This field is fascinating for me, both professionally and practically

2020-11-14 • More

Zhvania School will retrain employees from Marneuli municipality within the framework of Public Administration Program


2,444 public employees have raised their professional competences throughout the country since 2014

2020-11-11 • More

A weekly summarizing meeting on the piloting process of Alphabet Course was held


Within the course, listeners are given an opportunity to study Georgian alphabet in a short time, as well as receive first-hand information about Georgia

2020-11-09 • More

The retraining process of public employees in Zhvania School continues


20 beneficiaries will be retrained within the program

2020-11-07 • More