LEPL - Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Blitz interview with Mariam Bardadze


The environment that Zhvania School offers to its students is comfortable, friendly and oriented on social integration

2020-09-24 • More

Zhvania School started teaching the state language at the Akhaltsikhe Military Base


56 recruits will be involved in the training process - 24 Azerbaijani and 32 Armenian citizens of Georgia.

2020-09-22 • More

Blitz interview with Ketevan Torgvashvili


I received a lot of interesting and new information about Political PR, PR plans, imagemaking and other important topics from Mrs. Tamar

2020-09-19 • More

Blitz interview with Nana Nikoladze - with the head of the Tbilisi Friendship House of the Union of Youth Centers of Tbilisi City Hall


Our goal is to preserve cultural traditions of various communities, its popularization and integration to our unique Georgian culture, as well as to study the State Language and traditions

2020-09-17 • More

New training groups have been formed under the State Language and Integration Program


At current stage in these newly formed training groups, 188 representatives of national minorities will study the state language.

2020-09-15 • More

A specialized group has completed nursing studies


It should be noted that the program was very popular among the listeners who continued their studies in the medical field

2020-09-11 • More

Blitz interview with Suzanna Petrosian - a beneficiary of Zhvania School


I received a lot of interesting and necessary information during the training that I will use in my work

2020-09-11 • More

Zhvania School announces admission on two initial programs for professional development of a public servant


The program is applicable for I,II,III and IV rank public servants and aims at their professional development

2020-09-09 • More

23 trainers have been retrained within the framework of TOT training


The aim of the course is for the trainee to pass the preparatory alphabetical period in both language and computer literacy

2020-09-08 • More

Nikoloz Esitashvili - another successful listener of Zhvania School


I would like to thank Zhvania School for organizing necessary and important training for individuals working in public relations field

2020-09-05 • More