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Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Janna Kazarian - Zhvania School Graduate

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I overcame difficulties related to learning a language and successfully finished A1,A2,A2+ and B1 levels which contributed to my professional development

2021-07-21 • More

Seda Darbinian - Listener of Zhvania School

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After completing my studies at Zhvania School, I managed to overcome the difficulties I encountered while expressing myself and communicating with the public in general

2021-07-06 • More

Lena Torosian - Zhvania School Beneficiary

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After the commencement of the pandemic, Zhvania School switched to online mode of teaching in the shortest time and we didn't find it difficult to get used to the new environment

2021-04-23 • More

Fidan Galandarova - Zhvania School Beneficiary

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From village Zemo Sarali, Marneuli Municipality

2021-02-05 • More

Meet a beneficiary of Zhvania School, Natalia Kozlyuk

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After finishing the course, I'd like to continue studying Georgian language. I also suggest Zhvania School to those who want to study the state language.

2020-11-20 • More

Successful beneficiaries of Zhvania School

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Participants of 1+4 program

2020-08-25 • More

Inna Kichuni – One more successful beneficiary from State Language and Integration Program of Zhvania School

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Inna is of Ukrainian origin. She has been living and working in Georgia for the last 10 years

2020-08-21 • More

Opinion of the Day – Lidia Gvilava

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Mrs. Lidia is Ukrainian. She graduated from the Lvov State University with qualification of Pedagogy. She lives in Georgia together with her Georgian husband

2020-08-18 • More

Natia Khitarishvili - Beneficiary of short term specialized course “Bookkeeping and Electronic Administration” of Zhvania School

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“Bookkeeping and Electronic Administration” is the milestone of my professional work. That’s why its knowledge is the key to my professional development and carrier advancement”

2020-08-14 • More

Meet the successful beneficiary of Zhvania School from Akhaltsikhe – Anahit Dilbarian

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She learned Georgian language in frames of State Language Teaching and Integration Program of Zhvania School and successfully covered A1 and A2 levels of state language

2020-08-13 • More