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Opinion of the day - Levan Ratiani

Opinion of the day - Levan Ratiani

: 2020-08-04
: News

From June 9, LEPL Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration restarted the State Language Teaching and Integration program at the Vartsikhe military base of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. 32 national minority recruits are involved in the program mastering the state language at A1 level.

Levan Ratiani - Major, Commander of the Defense Battalion of the Logistics Center of the Logistics Support Command of the Georgian Defense Forces (West):

"Teaching the state language is a really great job for recruits from national minorities and I think it should continue with the same success in the future. As it is known the every day life for the soldier is very active and overloaded with mobilization, trainings, readiness for taking an oath. They have to communicate with us and with each other during these actions. Every new task, command, the soldier must understand thoroughly, also, must understand the rules of mobilization in the army, his rights and duties, instructions on the daily routine, at least on elementary level must be able to communicate with other soldiers. All this requires the knowledge of state language. Georgian language trainings help the soldiers to overcome the above-mentioned challenges on the one hand, and us - on the other hand - in terms of comprehensive communication with them.

Currently, 32 recruits of our Armenian and Azerbaijani nationalities are involved in the training, who, in parallel with compulsory military service, master the Georgian language through classroom training. Recruits are involved in the learning process with great interest and diligence. Here I would like to especially mention the professionalism and enthusiasm of the trainers of Zhvania school. Ms. Lia Tsertsvadze and Ms. Natalia Gulua. They really lead the teaching process with enviable energy and try their best to make the lessons fun and active for our non-Georgian soldiers.

We, on our part, with full staff and readiness, try to create favorable conditions for trainers and have regular communication with them, for any support and cooperation. This will continue in the future as well, as I believe that Zhvania School is doing an important job in terms of civic and state integration of our national minority recruits. It is necessary and essential that all citizens of our country speak the state language and thus jointly serve the future security and prosperity of Georgia. "