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Opinion of the Day – Lidia Gvilava

Opinion of the Day – Lidia Gvilava

: 2020-08-18
: Our Listeners

Mrs. Lidia is Ukrainian. She graduated from the Lvov State University with qualification of  Pedagogy.  She lives in Georgia together with her Georgian husband. She is a pensioner now. She is a mother of four and grand mother of five children.

"I arrived to Georgia together with my husband and fell in love with the country and Georgian nation. I didn’t know Georgian language and it bothered me a lot. I decided to learn Georgian, since I oblige myself to know the state language of the country, where I live in and which I extremely love.

I learned about State Language Teaching and Integration Program of Zhvania School from its web page and immediately registered. Education process was the way too active and interesting. I loved classes much. Our group teacher -Maia Gozalishvili is very professional and high qualified and it added interest to the teaching process.  Changing to distance learning mode, set new challenges for me, though I could successfully pass the final exam and moved to the next level of State Language.

I’d like to especially thank to my teacher -Mrs. Maia and Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration for granting me the opportunity to study now, already my native language, for absolutely free of charge”.