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Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Zhvania School starts piloting the Alphabet Course

: 2020-10-19
: News

LEPL Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration, within the framework of "State Language and Integration Program” has prepared a state language tuition course called "Alphabet Course”. The course aims at teaching Georgian alphabet, developing communication and computer skills of beneficiaries representing national minorities.

The course was prepared and developed by specialists of the state language and integration program of the school, as well as by specialists in the field. The training includes 30 contact hours.

Prior to being approved, the "Alphabet Course” will go through piloting stage, during which flaws and advantages of the program will be revealed. Based on the collected data, relevant conclusions and changes will be made. In order to increase the effectiveness of the process, Zhvania School formed monitoring and piloting groups, based on the findings of which the program will be evaluated and further developed.

"Alphabet Course” piloting process will be implemented in distance learning regime and will involve 12 beneficiaries.