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Meet a beneficiary of Zhvania School, Natalia Kozlyuk

: 2020-11-20
: Our Listeners

I am Natalia Kozlyuk, a 51 years old from Moscow. I received higher education in Moscow and graduated from the faculty of Mathematics of Lomonosov State University. Me and my husband came to Georgia from Moscow 5 year ago. My husband is Georgian.

I found out about Zhvania School from Facebook. However, I had heard, from other immigrants, about the opportunity to study the state language completely free at this school. This is very important in our circumstances. I decided to study the state language in order to integrate in the society. I am an international logistics specialist and might be able use my knowledge and experience in the country that has become a new home.

 It's my third week in Zhvania School (I'm taking the Alphabet Course). I am really fond of our trainer Tamta Asanidze. She is calm, competent and punctual. The study material is gradually becoming more interesting. I already knew some things (For example, letters, numbers), so compared to others, it is a bit easier for me. After finishing the course, I'd like to continue studying Georgian language. I also suggest Zhvania School to those who want to study the state language.