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Seda Darbinian - Listener of Zhvania School

Seda Darbinian - Listener of Zhvania School

: 2021-07-06
: Our Listeners

I successfully finished "State Language and Integration Program's" A1,  A2 and b2 levels at Zhvania School.

I am a member of Ninotsminda City Council and a Chairman of the Commission on Social Affairs, Culture, Education, Sports and Youth Affairs. Because of my job, I often participate in various trainings and meetings. The education I received in Zhvania School helps me get actively involved in discussions and debates.

After completing my studies at Zhvania School, I managed to overcome the difficulties I encountered while expressing myself and communicating with the public in general.

I would recommend the future listeners of Zhvania School to get involved in "State Language and Integration Program" because this is exactly the school, that allows the listeners to master the state language, integrate into society and establish themselves in different fields.