LEPL - Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

B1 Level (Threshold)

The listener will learn the basics of Georgian language on B1 level according to "Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment" and be able to:

  • Comprehend standard communication;
  • Comprehend the details of simple information from  TV shows, technical instructions;
  • Read and comprehend  various informative and official texts;
  • Formulate sentences in familiar situations, convey facts with important nuances;
  • Participate in conversations on familiar topics, express their attitude and opinion with a few sentences;
  • Write down information with standard content, write private letters and notices.

    After finishing the course, listener will be able to:

    • Comprehend the meaning of discussions on familiar topics or everyday conversations, participate in them and express their own opinion, impressions, and feelings in a nutshell;
    • Comprehend main meaning of TV and radio shows;
    • Read and comprehend up-to-date interviews, notices and articles written in magazines;
    • Find needed information in long texts;
    • Comprehend and participate in distinct Georgian conversations;
    • Talk about the content of some film, story or book and express their opinion on it;
    • Give suggestions to affiliates in detail;
    • Take a short interview with pre-prepared questions;
    • Use standard constructions in professional conversations;
    • Describe a topic that interests them in detail, write required information and prepare questions;
    • Prepare official documents (notice, motivational letter, resume...)

    The course is based on the following scheme:

    • 20 weeks - 6 hours a week;
    • 15 weeks - 8 hours a week;
    • 12 weeks - 10 hours a week;

    The number of contact hours is 120 astronomical hours.


    1. Attendance (10 points)

    2. Points accumulated during the lessons by practical exercises (20 points)

    3. Mid-term exams (2) (15-15 points)

    4. Final exam (40 points)

    The threshold for the listener to successfully finish the course is 70 points, provided that final test score is no less than 25 points.