LEPL - Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

B1+Level (Civil Education)

The listener will learn the basics of Georgian language on B1+ level according to "Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment" and be able to:

  • Verbally communicate on professional or everyday topics;
  • Read and discuss information in Georgian;
  • Carry out correspondence on professional matters written in the state language;
  • Use the state language while communicating about profession-related topics.

    After finishing the course, listener will:

    • Enrich their vocabulary regarding civic education;
    • Fully understand information regarding this topic;
    • Participate in dialogues and discussions regarding the topic;
    • Express their opinion of specific topics in written  as well as verbal language with appropriate arguments;
    • Understand various types of information and official texts;
    • Properly use learnt language constructions, cliches, terms while talking about the topic;
    • Prepare a presentation about the topic.

    The course is based on the following scheme:

    • 20 weeks - 6 hours a week;
    • 15 weeks - 8 hours a week;
    • 12 weeks - 10 hours a week;

    The number of contact hours is 120 astronomical hours.


    1. Attendance (10 points)

    2. Points accumulated during the lessons by practical exercises (25 points)

    3. Mid-term exams (2) (25-25 points)

    4. Final exam (40 points)

    The threshold for the listener to successfully finish the course is 70 points, provided that final test score is no less than 25 points.