LEPL - Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Bookkeeping and e-Governance (for Public Employees)

Bookkeeping an e-Governance is a short-term training course for those who are interested in learning how to prepare work documents and conduct bookkeeping in a digital system.

The course is interactive and requires a full and active engagement of the participants.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will have developed the skills required for effective bookkeeping and e-governance.  These skills will include:  bookkeeping and the organization of document circulation, digital systems of bookkeeping, skills for verbal and written communication in the workplace and the preparation of work documents according to established practice. Participants will be able to effectively use the system for bookkeeping document circulation in line with modern requirements.

·         Main features of work documents and the general principles for their preparation

·         Normative issues connected to special vocabulary

·         Frequent mistakes during official correspondence

·         Legal Basis of Case Management, General Administrative Code, Law of Georgia on Normative Acts

·         Classification of official documents, types and titles of documents

·         Rules for compiling and concluding documents

·         Preparation of statements and notices

·         Registration of documents

·         Digital system of bookkeeping, basic description of the program and registration of documents therein

·         Memorandum - types, characteristics, preparation

·         Preparation of competition announcements

·         Preparation of documents

·         Submitting documents for authorizing and signing

·         Registration of past documents

·         CV - resume and preparation of motivation letter

·         Issues related to contract and order preparation

·         Summary

·         Preparation of orders

·         Self-initiative in preparing documents

·         Electronic system of bookkeeping, summary

Course duration:  4 days

Course size:  24 hours

Course language:  Georgian

Course location:  Service will be provided at the location chosen according to an agreement between the parties.

1. Interested individuals wanting to enroll in the course can register at the following link:  http://www.zspa.ge/registration

2. Participants will also have to provide the following documents for registration:

a) Copy of Electronic ID Card

b) Notice from the workplace (if applicable)

c) Representatives of national minorities are required to present documents that prove their efficiency in the state language at the B1 level. If a participant is not in possession of such a document, the individual will have to pass an appropriate language assessment exam. 

GEL 50 (per day) - Includes only the course.

A contract will be signed between the parties before the commencement of study.

The bank requisites are as follows for the payment of the tuition fee:

Banking code: TRESGE22

Recipient:  LEPL Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Payment account:  7 0769 7119

Choose "Tuition Fee" in the payment purpose tab.

Those who successfully finish the course will be awarded a certificate.

Irine Geguchadze


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