LEPL - Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Political Public Relations

"Political PR, branding and imagemaking" is a professional training course designed for individuals working in public, private and civil sectors, who are responsible for relations with the public, directly develop and implement policies. 

Within the program, listeners will study public relation technologies, as well as main aspects of the art of communication. They will also be introduced to various approved methods and develop a PR plan and branding model for their organization or political person.

The program serves the purpose of raising the awareness of political PR and develop its culture. It also contributes to the implementation of modern image-making and branding technologies, as well as provide the listeners with information on the newest methods of communication, teach them ways of developing a political branding, which will enable the listeners to create desired political image. Also, assist private and public organizations to retrain their staff, carry out proper PR management. Within the program, students will learn about public relations technologies and main aspects of the art of communication. They will also be introduced to various approved methods and develop a PR plan and branding model for their organization or political person.

The course contains 3 modules:

Political PR communications: The art of communication, selection and planning of strategy, working out messages, media relations (workshops, discussions and practical work);

Imagemaking: Image diagnostics and research, selection of desired image, working out image strategy and values, communication-implementation (workshops, discussions and practical work);

Political Branding: General principles of branding, finding a brand sample, planning and implementation (workshops, discussions and practical work).

Course Duration: 36 hours.

Course Language: Georgian.

The training will be conducted remotely, in online format.

1. Interested individuals wanting to enroll in the course can register at the following link:  http://www.zspa.ge/registration

2.  Participants will also have to provide the following documents for registration:

a) Copy of Electronic ID Card

b) Notice from the workplace (if applicable)

c) Representatives of national minorities are required to present documents that prove their efficiency in the state language at the B1 level. If a participant is not in possession of such a document, the individual will have to pass an appropriate language assessment exam.

500 GEL without VAT.

The above services will be provided on the basis of an agreement between the parties.

Those who successfully finish the course will be granted a certificate in Political PR.

Irine Geguchadze


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