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Managerial skills of a public servant

Program Manager:

Giorgi Eminashvili
Giorgi Eminashvili

E-mail: g.eminashvili@zspa.ge

The 54th article of the Georgian law "On Public Service", adopted in 2015, created a legal basis for comprehensive, systemic, needs-oriented professional development cycle for public servant. Professional development plays a significant role in public servant's career. However, this not only assists the employees, but ensures an effective functioning of public institutions, making it an important part of the public administration reform that is currently taking place in Georgia.

Government resolution #№242 on the "Rule of determining the professional development needs of public servant, and rule of adopting professional development standard" - adopted on the 22nd of May, 2018, includes the following basic programs for professional development of public servant: "Managerial skills of public servant" and "Development of personal and professional competences". Programs are accessible at LEPL Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration.

The program - "Managerial skills of public servant" is designed for I and II rank employees in public service. The program deepens their knowledge in various fields. The duration of the program is 40 academic hours and includes subjects such as : 1. Strategic management-planning (strategic management, planning of mid and long term goals and objectives, development of action plans); 2. Administration of service and quality, administration of risks and changes; 3. Decision making, leadership, team management, empowering and motivating the team, ensuring gender equality and averting sexual harassment in a workplace; 4. Professional and effective communication/negotiations, media relations and public speeches; 5. Ethics of public service, settlement of conflicts, organizational culture, anti-corruptive politics and legal means of fighting against corruption.

As a result, listeners will acquire the skills needed for successful performance, such as: representation of public organization;, strategic and complex thinking skills, ability to set individual or corporate tasks; initiation and management of innovations; skill of assessing and motivating professional development of a public servant; ability to ensure team development, effective communication and negotiation skills, ability to lead conferences and official meetings, ability to manage conflicts and solve the problems.
Zhvania School will carry out the programs using methods, which ensure development of public servant's competences. After the program, listeners will be able to successfully utilize their theoretical knowledge in practice. Moreover, in order to develop result-oriented skills, modern teaching methods will be used, which improves the perception of delivered information and learning quality.

The program includes knowledge assessment system, which is the main basis for granting the certificate. The programs will be led by experienced and competent trainers. The program uses appropriate electronic textbooks and training-methodical literature. The program takes place inside school-owned buildings and/or other facilities, which are allocated by other owners on the bases of memorandum.

For the program syllabus, please contact the school administration:
TEL: 995 431 232601
E-Mail: zspa@zspa.ge

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