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Agreement on Teaching

The current agreement defines and regulates the relationship between LEPL Zurab Zhvania School of Public Administration (hereinafter - the school) and the beneficiary of a specific training course (hereinafter - the beneficiary), the rights and obligations of the school and the beneficiary.

After reviewing and selecting the application form of the person interested in learning, the person will be enrolled in the selected training course and will be granted the status of a beneficiary.

1. Subject of the agreement:

The subject of the agreement is the training envisioned in the selected course.

2. considering the provision that the school will:

2.1. ensure necessary provisions for beneficiary to learn;

2.2. Provides the beneficiary with the opportunity to receive education and skills in line with modern curriculum standards;

2.3. Provides training of the beneficiary according to the approved training programs;

2.4. Provides training with qualified trainers

2.5. In case of completing the program, the beneficiary will be given a relevant certificate.

Beneficiary is obliged to:

2.7. Follow the study regime and discipline, attend all classes, in exceptional cases (family conditions, illness ...) provide information about missing classes to the responsible person;

2.8. Receive and follow the trainer's instructions for conducting a full-fledged and quality learning process (including turning on the camera and participating in the video recording of the lesson process) and preventing this beneficiary from disrupting the training;

2.9. To perform the works and assignments defined by the training program;

2.10. After completing the training course, pass the exams envisioned by the program.

In case of non-compliance with the requirements of clauses 2.7-2.8 of this agreement, the school reserves the right to issue a one-time notification to the beneficiary, and to count the current lesson hours as missed.

In case of systematic repetition of the violation provided for in paragraphs 2.7-2.8, the school is entitled to no longer admit the beneficiary to the online lesson and not to issue a certificate confirming the completion of the program.

3. Early termination of the contract

The contract may be terminated prematurely by agreement of the parties or before the end of the training process if there are grounds for exclusion / expulsion of the trainee;

4. Dispute resolution issues

4.1. Disputes between the parties are resolved through negotiation;

4.2. If no agreement has been reached through negotiation, then the parties shall apply to the General Court to resolve any dispute relating to this Agreement in accordance with the civil procedure law of Georgia.

5. Other provisions:

5.1. The agreement enters into force from the moment of granting the beneficiary the status of a person interested in education and is valid for the entire study period;

5.2. The duration of the study period is determined by the relevant approved program.


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